Marketing Advice & Consultancy

Marketing Advice & Consultancy

Whether your business wheels are in motion or you possess only a vague idea, 1-2-1 sound-boarding sessions & proactive guidance is available as soon as tomorrow. We can also advise start ups on how to acquire funding, link you up with other business owners & relevant market leaders. It all starts with a conversation.

Specialist Marketing Services

Specialist Marketing Services

Whether your Marketing Manager has left and you need help at short notice or your company needs someone to look at or manage specific things on an ongoing / permanent basis, the services of Business Amigos, could be just what you need. If the price is right, we can restructure our schedule to the needs of your business. Get in touch today; we're seeking a new challenge, irrespective of your location.

Addressing your needs

Marketing Consultancy

121 marketing support from our resourceful Global Amigos founder and former nightclub & restaurant owner, Andy Neale.

Get in touch today; let’s transform your challenges into success stories – together.

1-2-1 Action


Start off exploratory then delve in to the nitty gritty? Come with a clearly defined objective & take action together? Or throw us your wishlist in exchange for a quote? Either way, we can explore different ways of thinking, launch new channels & develop short & long term strategies; the possibilities are endless. Available over the timeframe dictated by you.

Conversations over Skype


For a more cost effective but equally effective approach, we can schedule video conferences over Skype.  Anyone can request an initial 30 minute complimentary conversation to see how we get on and for us to understand your aspirations a little better. After this point, we can then move forward or part ways. Either way, you’re in control & can delegate accordingly.

Guidance on the Go


If you’re intrigued but unsure, or money’s tighter than anticipated, scheduled phone calls are the best option. We can catch up as often or infrequently as you require. Alternatively, we can schedule regular catch ups with pre-determined tasks agreed beforehand. With the phone & Skype options, we may never even meet; saving your business costs – and helping the planet.

Specialist Areas

Marketing Services

Brand Formation & Logo Design

Brand Formation & Logo Design

From Hangout Harry to Preston Pride, Rumes Bar & Night to Global Amigos, all the branding relating to most of our current & former enterprises / partnerships have been designed & managed in house. We've even created the advertising campaign for Preston BID's Christmas Lights Switch On for the last two years (2016 & 2017). Let us work our magic on your vision.

Web Design & Management

Web Design & Management

We don't charge £5-10K for a website because we haven't spent our lives studying & then developing them. That said, all the websites relating to our current projects / enterprises, as well as many third party sites, are built & managed in house. It's amazing what a grand can get a business nowadays!? Plus, basic packages are also available for free via various nationwide companies - we're happy to signpost should this be more suited to your situation)

Social Media Set up & Management

Social Media Set up & Management

We can set up your social media accounts and hand them over once you're happy, or manage them on your behalf. Want followers before your business even launches? Get in touch.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Community Engagement

Partnership Creation & CSR

We are passionate about CSR and believe every business is already doing good stuff. Let us help you showcase this for your brand or plan new ways for you to have an even bigger impact in the community (without necessarily affecting your bottom line).

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